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Default Skype + Procaster


I got a question of this thing that's bugging me. Though I guess it's just me who's doing something wrong and I really need a tip on how to fix this.

When I'm doing a Stream with my procaster, in game mode. I have another person who I'm talking with on Skype. So that both of us can audio comment on the Stream.
Now, the person who's helping me comment is also watching the stream.
So you can probably see my problem:
My "helper" will get My voice on both Skype and on the Stream.
If he\she turns off Skype, we get a delay from when I'm talking until my "helper" actually hears what I say and responds.
If he\she only uses Skype, they will not hear the games sounds \ music.

I can see the problem here, since the Stream is only in 1 channel with audio, and there is no way to actually mute the Stream partly.
But I was wondering, Is there a solution to this? I kinda feel that it's just me who's thinking wrong about the subject and there actually is a way to fix this.

thanks a lot.
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I'm not sure , but in Win7 you can play with volume of any program you use, try to low skype volume or the game volume ;-) good luck
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Default adjusting audio with mixer

There is a way to adjust audio volume in Procaster 20.2.43. Under preferences, select audio, then select mixer. There are two option for adjusting volume. One for the source, there is a slide bar move it right or left depending on the volume you want from the source. The other is a master control to the right.

The other thought is in gaming mode to select speakers as your source and control that volume with the mixer. I am not sure what audio source you are using?
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