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Originally Posted by sageerrant View Post
Just throwing out another request for Hauppauge HD PVR support. I know you guys know that some of us want it, but a reminder never hurts.
Thanks for the feedback, sageerrant - I will bring it to the attention of our dev team. Based on your post it sounds like FMLE supports your capture device. You might already know this, but you can use FMLE to stream on Livestream. If you're interested, you can find instructions here.

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Default Procaster.exe has stopped working

I just installed my Happauge HD-PVR, and after about two hours of screwing around, finally got it working, but when I tried to start Procaster it simply says, "Procaster.exe has stopped working". That's it.

I can't figure out what to do. I've reinstalled the Microsoft packs, and uninstalled and reinstalled procaster, but nothing seems to work.

Update: There's conflicting software here or something. If I delete everything to do with the Arcsoft/Happauge software, I can get Procaster to work again, but when I reinstall it it goes back to "Procaster.exe has stopped working."

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Sorry for bringing up this thread again, but I am playing with buying one of those Hauppauge HD PVR thingies.

Which brings me to one important question: Does the Hauppauge driver expose a DirectShow source filter for usage with other programs than the Hauppauge Recorder? This would settle everything. If the same thing is not supported by LiveStream for some reason (which I can't think of one since DirectShow is universal and should be usable by all applications in the same way), then I'd say you will need to do the fixing some time in the future... If it doesn't even expose a DirectShow interface (come on! At least do it when the application is running. Every freaking recording device does it! I even once used a mixer table to input my games and output them to my TV AND to my TV card in my PC... But that was composite! It's Component and HDMI now! And no, I am not going to connect my PS3/XBOX through composite just for that... Maybe my Wii) Hauppauge will have to do some fixings. It can't be that hard to expose another stream to DirectShow. At least not on very fast computers.
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I've merged your question into a thread that already speaks of the Hauppauge PVR, please review the earlier comments.

Livestream Support
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