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Default Cannot connect to channel

For the passed 2 days now everytime i enter my studio, it says "cannot connect to channel"
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Hi everyone,

to all of you guys include me that have post on this Thread.

Sorry to you all. Because I have allready say that Mogulus Studio crash in all browsers. But that is not true by me, because we had a problem with our router these days. It was that we had a IP Address Conflict. For those that don't know what that is, I will explain it.

An IP Address Conflict occurs when two devices on the same network claim to have the same IP Address - that is, they conflict with each other. Since only one of the devices is supposed to be on the network at a time, the second one to arrive will generally stop its IP functionality. So when we got that error popup that mean that we don't have connection from our router/internet to our PC, than it will stop working.

Our router Linksys BEFSX41 is verry old 5,6 years old I think, We have updated our router and chek it out but we get the same IP Address Conflict everytime. so we bought a new one yesterday. It is a Linksys WRT610N.

Today we have a 1,5 hour live show and Mogulus Studio works perfect I didn't get no errors all my lower third graphic works perfectly.

I think I recommend to you all to check the computer that you use for Mogulus Studio that the computer gets enought good internet connection. We have a Upstream 3 Mbit/s and a download stream 20 Mbit/s

Thank God that everything is working fine now. We now know what was the problem.

Mogulus Studio is working prefeclty right now.

have a nice day you all


Lora TV

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