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Originally Posted by Henry_live View Post

I impersonated your account and was able to use the youtube upload feature without any issues. You can find the clip I uploaded in the storyboard labelled "Test Youtube". Please provide the following information so I can try and help you:

-Operating System
-Browser and Version
-Version of Flash
-At what point in the process does it fail?
I`m using an emachine model EL1300G-01w
Windoes Vista service pack 2
2gb ram
1,6 mghtz processor (I understand 2.4 is best, but it doesn`t cause any problems other than accassional freeze up)
I have 10,000 mb down load speed
Adobe flash player 10 active x
adobe flash plug in
Java update 6 update #20 on 6/11/2010

uploading videos will not encode, they just fail saying "waiting for server"
Importing from YouTube: box comes on screen, I click ok, it says "Initializing" for a few minutes, then "starting upload" for about 5 minutes, then it goes straight to "Upload 100%" but does not show 20%, 50%, etc. during the process. After the 100% message, it never says complete & I have to click cancel, or the X to close the box. I can let the box site there for as lobg as 30 or 40 minutes but the video is never imported.
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Thumbs down I`m Done I think

The support around here is nearly non existent and it`s not possible to operate a channel nor any kind of schedule with all the flaws & lack of Livestream`s ability to provide support in a timely manner, so I`ve just pretty much pulled the plug. I haven`t deleted my channel, but I`ve removed everything off of my auto pilot & now all you see is a test pattern that says "offline". I`m not deleting the channel in hopes that someday (like 6 months or a freaking year from now) all the bugs will be gone and Livestream will work the way it`s supposed too. But let`s face it, it was a nice idea but with all the bugs and flaws, this service is crap! I know all the staff at Livestream are probably not bad people, but this stuff just doesn`t work like it should & now with the interruption of programming so you can insert commercials, I just don`t see any point in trying anymore. I`ve been here for over a year and a half and I`m tired of pulling my hair out in frustration.
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Red face

Hello dear friends,
I just read your posts. I am using livestream after 2 years, I just registered and the problem remains here, in Greece.

I can not import videos from youtube to my first storyboard.

Do you face these problems again?

If not, whatdo you suggest me t do?
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Is this specific to one particular video or browser?

Livestream Producer Support
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Is quite simple:

Write in Chrome, this direction: about:Plugins

click de Details, and look for the lastest shockwave version. Deactivate it.

close chrome, and open it again

Go to http://get.adobe.com/es/flashplayer/?promoid=DAFYL and press the "Descargar ahora" button. Install it (im from Argentina, but if u find it in english is the same).

And tadá! you can import without problems
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failed, windows 7

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