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Default Configuration with sam broadcaster.

First thank you for the great products and services that mogulus is providing. Its surely help charitable efforts and non profit organizations like mine. I apologize if I am posting in wrong board.I am trying to set up a channel that enable my non-profit organization to communicate, share information and support and take live call and play custom audio files. I need a setup that can intergrate Sam broadcaster to the mogulus. I have check out the configuration with moohead radio but at this time we couldn't affort the hardware that prescribed by moohead radio. However Sam broadcaster seem to be a feasible and economical alternative.
I have 2 PCs, I use PC #1 for my mogulus studio and Sam broadcaster, in which I have 2 sound cards; one default and 2nd USB. I use my PC # 2 for my skype. I connect PC # 1 and # 2 by 35ml audio wire so audio out on PC#2 into audio in on PC#1 on the default sound card.
Then I use audio out on PC # 1 and plug it into Audio in on the USB Sound Card. Then I have on 2 microphone one for the skype and teh 2nd microphon for broadcasting which in plug into the microphone in on the usb card.
My problem its seem that Sam broadcaster may have conflict with mogulus and after a while of broadcasting my computer crash and I have to start all over again and it.

Any help will be much appreciated. If I can be of any further help please feel free to let me know. I have been using mogulus for few months now and from observation I think a simple integration of sam broadcaster with mogulus will make make some webcaster run for their money. I have been eveluating some webcaster for the last 3 months and tried some of their program because of easy set up but I decided and believe mogulus is a winner and something special and in the long run our organization will be better off.

Thanks again.
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