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Default Issues and feedback in a "community stream"

Hey all, I'm the admin of a forum about Line Rider (which I hope most of you have played before) and I've put together a kind of "community stream" at http://www.livestream.com/weridethelines

Basically, there are about 40 people whom I've given the ability to stream (most of them camera only) and we all stream ourselves working on tracks and scenery and watch each others' streams and chat about it and generally have a great time. It's a small but tight-knit community and we usually have about 5-10 viewers during any given stream, but lots of chatting going on (mostly about the stream I'm happy to say). When people aren't streaming I have a playlist of great Line Rider videos off YouTube to give people something to watch and talk about.

Anyway, I believe this is a somewhat unique idea for use of livestream's software and website, and so I'm posting here (sorry if this is the wrong place) to talk about why livestream is great for this, some annoying issues that arise when using livestream this way (and generally things that bother me), and ask if anyone has any suggestions for improving our livestream experience or recommendations of other software we could try. We've been doing this for about 2 months now so I have a good handle on what is great and what annoys me.

1. Adding members "camera-only" is great in a situation where I want to give someone the ability to stream but not to edit the library or the video on demand
2. The chat is great because we can all talk to each other and decide who is streaming next and stuff
3. It's great to have functionality for a playlist that can play when nobody is streaming, stop when someone starts, and then resume when they stop. Sometimes we get in great conversations about the video playing (e.g. "Oh wow I remember this track, haven't seen it in years!")
4. It's great to have a video on demand feature where I can archive people's streams after they record them, and I enjoy sorting them by category and by user. (the studio took a bit to get the hang of but it works pretty well now I have a handle on it)

1. Everyone who has streaming privileges is a chat moderator. This is really annoying, say when I ban someone and someone waits until I'm gone and then un-bans that person.
2. Banning people from chat who have streaming privileges. If I want to ban someone and they have streaming privileges, I have to demote them in the studio, wait for about 20 minutes, and then I can finally ban them from the chat. It would be great if livestream figured out that I had demoted them faster so I could ban them in a timely manner.
3. It would be wonderful to be able to import youtube videos by PLAYLIST (in addition to the current options). I have to import them individually by link as it is currently from a playlist of great Line Rider videos.
4. It would be great to have not just multiple team members with full access, but other "co-owners" (like multiple admins on a forum) who could give streaming privileges or take them away (in situations, where, say, someone needs to ban someone with streaming privileges and I'm not there)
5. The 10 GB limit, of course, since we have so many people streaming so often. As it is we have been pruned ever once in a while in largely uncontrollable ways, and it's confusing to try to figure out how large files are and how best to prune them myself. It would also be great to know when they are going to prune...

That's all! thanks for reading!

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Thank you for your feedback, RabidSquirrel. In regards to issues # 1, #3, and #4, I will bring these items to the attention of our development team as feature requests.

In regards to issue # 2, restarting the channel may speed this process up. You can restart your channel from the account center. Next to the channel, click "More" and then "Restart". Note that this will kick viewers off of your current stream.

Issue # 5 can be solved if you're willing to pay an additional $1.50 USD per extra GB of storage (this applies only to storage beyond the 10GB alotted for free accounts).

Thanks again for your feedback - we appreciate it.


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