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Default another black screen thread...

i've had this problem recently, as have a few of my friends.

a short while after starting a broadcast (somewhere around 20-30 minutes), both video and audio cut out. i'm told by viewers that the page still indicates that i am live and broadcasting, but the screen is black and the audio stutters and then goes silent. the only way i am able to resolve this is to restart the broadcast.

it first happened while i was using the webcast feature on the site and a third party webcam software (manycam). i switched to procast software and it will still do it. i am streaming my desktop for art demos, and using winamp to play music. i have a cable internet connection and have tried both higher and mid level setting on the audio and video. i do not record during my broadcasts.

the only lead i have at the moment is that because i am on a wireless connection, it can be causing problems with the stream. i was told by support to try broadcasting on a wired connection, but i realized i'm not capable at this point in time. nothing else is wrong, and i do not get any indication that i've been disconnected, either on livestream or on my computer. the strange thing is even though i've been using livestream for a while now with no changes, this issue suddenly appeared, along with some other fellow unrelated brodcasters (i will encourage them to post to this thread).

does anyone else have this particular problem? are you on a wired or wireless connection? if it indeed has something to do with being on a wireless connection, what can be done about this?

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Default I have the same problem

I also use a wireless connection and sometimes experience the same problem. My broadcast does not include sound so I do not know about that part of it, but a while after starting the broadcast the screen goes black but it still says I am live. I am broadcasting with the Livestream Studio and the only way to get the video back is to log out and log back in then restart the camera. I will try switching to a wired connection and let you know if it helps.
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We do not recommend streaming over a wireless network. The connection is not consistent and can fluctuate, leading to issues such as that which you both have been experiencing. Please try connecting directly to your router when broadcasting.
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