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Hi everyone,

We haven't had many updates/new complaints from users the past few days about the player not loading. If anyone is still experiencing issues and is willing to help us troubleshoot this further by having one of our engineers remote into their system, via Teamviewer or LogMeIn could they please open a ticket here and provide the following info:


-An outline of the issue and reference to this thread

-Where you're located
-What ISP you're using
-Exact Flash version
-Please provide some actual links of channels you've tried to visit that do not work. This is important in order for us to investigate this properly.

Please also confirm whether you have Ad-block or a similar software installed on your browser. If so, you'll need to either uninstall or disable it to watch Livestream.

Best time(s) to remote into your system
Contact info, preferably Skype username

Livestream Producer Support
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Unhappy Same problem

No streams load for me. They act like they are, with the spinning circle in the center, but they never do. The chatbox on the right eventually says "DISCONNECTED".

I'm on a new computer with Windows 7. I have the latest versions of Firefox and Flash. I have Adblock and I will not agree to turn it off. I don't want to provide personal information like my location, ISP, or IP address. And I don't think that is relevant because this site USED TO WORK and now many people are having the exact same problem so obviously it's something that they changed here.

It has something to do with the advertisements. There's no way that they don't know what they changed. They know what the problem is and how to undo what they did that caused it.

I'll come back to LiveStream in a few months to check, but I guess this is goodbye for now. Shame on them. This was a great website.
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If you have AdBlock plus installed that's going to be the issue, you would need to disable that plugin. If anyone is having an issue like the and does not have AdBlock plus installed we're here to help.

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