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Default Clip Not Appearing in Studio

Hello Support,

I recently have been making videos through Livestream to post on Youtube, Nico Nico Douga, et cetera.

In order to download a video to my computer, after stopping the stream, I go to my Studio page, where I can usually select a storyboard and download the recorded video from there.

However, I recently recorded a video that was about half an hour long, and there is no video on the storyboard for me to download. In fact, there is no sign that the video has been recorded to the database, even though the session seems to have been recognized. (There is a storyboard in my Studio that matches the time of the recording, but there is no clip inside.)

I would chalk it up to the encoding process and the time it takes, but I have in the past recorded 10-minute videos and they have appeared instantly in my Studio.

I have also tried recording a video after this event, to see if my Studio is working; it is. The clip appears in the storyboard and I can download it perfectly.

My channel's name is kiragiradraws if you need that information. Any help to recover this laborious video would be much appreciated!
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Please open a ticket in our support center:

When you do, include the information from this thread, as well as:
-when the video was recorded (date & time)
-details of your internet connection

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