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Default Live Thumbnail API just showing livestream logo

I wrote a mod for my forum(http://clylla.com/forum) that goes through an array of several channels using channel information such as http://xzagsgameplaychannelx.api.cha...m/2.0/info.xml, and if a channel is live it populate a table with the title, description, viewers, a link to watch it, etc. I'm also trying to show a thumbnail preview for such channels using the documentation available at http://www.livestream.com/userguide/..._Thumbnail_API .

Unfortunately, it looks like only certain channels in my list actually have working thumbnails, the others are just showing the grayscale Livestream logo. For example, http://thumbnail.api.livestream.com/...fire_zaguriasu displays the proper thumbnail, while http://thumbnail.api.livestream.com/...ameplaychannel and does not.

Any idea what I'm missing here or is it just some kink in the Livestream stuff or what?
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I'm not sure if this will help clarify anything or expedite any support, but here's my script, it's in PHP, I changed the extension so that it may be viewed.


The lines pertaining to preview thumbnails are 43, 47, and 71. Sorry it's not the most easiest thing on the planet to read, I really only made it for myself.
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