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Default Mogulus AUDIO in Second Life

Hi guys,
this is the first topic I raise in this forum.

I use Mogulus for my LIVE event in Second Life, I mean, I send LIVE the artists performances via Mogulus and in Second Life I use AVATARS and I use shoutcast audio servers to hear the audio in Second Life.

Now the question:
Can I use Mogulus to hear the audio in Second Life?
I insert a specific shoutcast server address to hear the audio in SL.
I would like to use Mogulus Audio in to Second Life instead to use a shoutcast server.

May you help me?
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Great idea!
Have you tried looping the audio back into the shoutcast server by patching the Mogulus audio manually using a cable? That may be the only way you can get it to there. Patching output to input, then broadcasting that. Unless there are other ways to send audio to SL than using a shoutcast server.

Just an idea.

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Default Nicecast to stream mogulus

I am actually doing exactly what you were asking about. I have mogulus running on my website and and I use audio hijack to capture the audio from my browser then rebroadcast that using nicecast rebroadcast it into my shoutcast server which plays in Sl. This is only for Mac though but I believe it would be possible using an aux input from Sam broadcaster. It would be very nice if you could do the same for the video or just directly play your mogulus stream in Sl .
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