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Cool Return stream titling scheme to show username

i'm not sure if this should go here or in the procaster forum.

the newest version of procaster (20.0.151) brought a new method of titling streams. my request is that i would like to see a future version of procaster return to the previous naming method as it was far more useful.

to clear up confusion, the new method of naming will title a stream like this:
-- channel name, bitrate

whereas the old method titled streams like this:
-- broadcaster's username's camera, [procaster]

with the new method it is impossible for channel owners to determine which members of a channel are responsible for broadcasting.

thank you!

EDIT: it looks like i'm wrong! i was able to get my own stream to title itself with my username using procaster 20.0.151. however, whatever the actual cause of this titling occurence, my request still stands.

EDIT2: after restarting my computer, my stream is now titled with the new method which shows the bitrate instead of my username using procaster 20.0.151. maybe it only takes effect after system shutdown? rolling back to procaster 20.0.95 returned the stream title to my username without the need for restart. im running windows vista 32 bit if you are interested.

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I would like this functionality returned as well. Whether .getCurrentContentTitle() is returned to its previous state or a new API function is added, either is fine as long as streamer identification functionality is returned. This functionality is vital to our community, and as a result we have been battling to keep all streamers using the older version 20.0.95, which is not ideal, but necessary.

Please consider adding streamer identification support back to Procaster.
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Originally Posted by NickdeClaw View Post
Please consider adding streamer identification support back to Procaster.
Thanks for your feedback, NickdeClaw - passing this on to our dev team.

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