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Cool Suggested Cameras

I want to live stream a "TV" show on Mogulus. What camera do you folks recommend? I want to stream to be as smooth as possible. Web cams seem to cap-out at 30 FPS. Do I need to go with a regular video camera -- or HD video camera? I want to do this cheap, but not too cheap. I'd prefer to go with a USB 2.0 feed into my computer, but could upgrade to firewire if the video would be smoother.
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Lightbulb There is cables,

Hi, my name is Justin. I am the owner of This and That Radio Networks. I was looking into doing the same thing, I found that to stream live tv shows, all you need is some cables. No camera. Cool huh? You just plug the cables into your red, white and yellow inputs on your computer. then the other end to your computer with usb. Then install the drivers, and cue your tv. Its that simple. Then turn your tv to what ever channel you want. and it will play that live. To see really what you need click the link to the ebay page where you could buy one, or just see what they are called and everything.
Hope I helped.
Check out my channel sometime:


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Default Driver Downloads

What type of drivers are you referring to ? The TV or the Adapters ?

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