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Default Streaming Console games

Anyone know how i can stream playstation 3 games? Do i need to buy certain equipment? Any help would be great, thanks!
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You'd need a video capture device and compatible software (that usually comes along with it). There are all types; USB, VGA and PCI. Always check their settings before you buy though, I've been stung by a USB capture device that didn't record PAL 60 among other things without issues (either Colour but no sound, or Sound but B&W)
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Default Best Cheap Capture Card

I have a channel for streaming video games but I don't have a capture card so I'm limited to PC games with Procaster. What kind of capture card can I get that can stream console games live and doesn't cost a fortune? I would prefer it to be external and I don't really need HD capabilities.

Thanks in advance.
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Try Canopus external boxes. They seem to perform well. Others have had good results with Dazzle, too.

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The easiest and cheapest way is to get an Easycap DC60+. Just search the name on eBay. And be sure that it's the DC60+, not DC60. The DC60's drivers are terrible and only work half of the time. I used one of these for nearly a year and I only spend around $20 on it.

Then I felt the need to upgrade, so I purchased an Avermedia HD DVR. It's a PCI-E capture card that supports up to 1080i via component or HDMI. It's great for HD video game systems. I've been using this for about a month and the quality is excellent!

I use Flash Media Encoder to stream mainly.
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I also Hauppauge for streaming with xbox but im starting streaming with the wii. You can also use the Dazzle. And just use FME (flash media encoder) and you're good. pretty easy
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Default Procaster And capture devices

Is there any inexpensive capture devices that procaster will detect and use with out the use of any other software. Like the dazzle dvc 100 do you have to use other webcam software with it or will procaster detect it and use video and audio from it. as a stand alone
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If you're looking to use a capture device like this we recommend using a Canopus ADVC110. Many of the cheaper capture devices out there don't support live streaming.

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Default Streaming from a Console?


I'm a total n00b in streaming and I just opened the channel for my multigaming clan. We wanna cast some games. Mostly on PC but I'd like to know if it's possible to stream directly from an Xbox360 or a PS3. I thought it could maybe work with an USB-Grabber. While Recording with this, I could stream it, can't I? I don't own one of those things, but I want to buy one.

Can anyone help me out with this?

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Default Streaming xbox audio with narration

First off I apologise but I am just getting started with the whole streaming idea and wanted to get some help on a few things.

I have a Dazzle usb capture card that I plan to use in streaming my xbox games which will include the video and sound, however I also want to broadcast my voice along with it.

Will I need any extra equipment to do this? I can't seem to figure out a way of mixing both the audio streams.
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capture card cheap, xbox

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