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Default Chat Security Issue

You can never make your chat secure because anyone can embed the player and enable chat themselves from the embed code.

Can this be resolved as it means any studio operators cannot communicate safely. In my opinion, a major drawback. Also, it makes disabling chat impossible and therefore, completely pointless!

Many thanks.
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Old 2nd December 2008, 12:42
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I've brought this up before but more to the point of being able to disable the master home page Embed. I've had problems with people embeding my channel on thier websites to promote traffic to thier site based on MY hard work.

To date I have gotten no reply on this matter.

I find it rather funny that Mogulus has a copyright polocy with channels ( you infringe and your channel is closed ), yet they make it SO EASY for folks to steal my content. And most website hosting services DON'T CARE what thier users do ( or steal ).
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Old 3rd December 2008, 15:57
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Come on Ben, any chance of an answer here mate? I am ready to go Pro, but I have yet to have a single concern I have raised answered, and I've raised a few, lol.
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Default Same thing here

I have a guy embedding my chanel also and this is what he wrote in the chat room. Which I disabled.
Connecting to chat room...
Welcome to the 'telecaraibes' room
12:33 popo : ki jan nou ye
01:28 wil : yeye
14:07 emaq : hi
14:07 emaq : hello
22:11 Roody : sakap fet
09:15 ayitinou : Listen guys, you do not won the channel, mogulus does.
09:16 ayitinou : you do not own
09:16 ayitinou : You broadcast it, but Mogulus has the right to it.
09:18 ayitinou : And that's why you do not have the right to disable the Embed option
09:19 ayitinou : You need to read their Terms and conditions
09:23 ayitinou : And don't call me again regarding this matter, you need to think before you act
09:25 ayitinou : The channel will stay at ayitinou.com, only Mogulus has the right to tell me to remove it, but I know they will not
09:25 ayitinou : because they make their money on PPC ads
09:26 ayitinou : and they want all the channels to be everywere
09:27 ayitinou : ayitinou.com we give our users choices, and we redesign all the channels to give the users a better views, also ad a better chat system.
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