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Default Video Off Time?

Hey everyone

I have very fast internet at my place, and my upload speed says almost 450+ kbps at all times, 23-30fps at all times, and the video is very smooth, it's not jumpy or anything, but the problem is that it's delayed almost exactly 2 seconds after the audio. Trust me, I know it's the video that is delayed and not the audio because I have tested it multiple ways. I am using an external video camera.

I tried doing a show with my integrated webcam, and it was not off at all, totally synced. So does this mean it's some sort of problem with Livestream settings for my camera, or does that mean it's more likely an issue with my camera/firewire cable/firewire bus?

Let me know, thanks.

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What kind camera are you using, DV, HDV?
What streaming software are you using, Procaster, Adobe FMLE, something else?

I have seen cases that with some streaming software and HDV that audio can be out of sync with video because the MPEG2 video takes longer to decode.
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