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Default Privite Broadcast

How do I set my broadcast for only people I want to see it. Like a password or membership etc...
How do I do this if possible.
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you need to buy the PRO but it cost lots of money, so I recommend you wait until they find that going my bandwhish is not the best way since people will then pay like $1,000-10,000
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I'd really like to remove my channel from Mogulus mainly cause of spammers that come in, are all from Mogulus, this type of feature should be free or at very little cost...

Or maybe do something fun with it, like if your channel can reach 1 or 5 million unique viewer minutes the option be available to you, people would then want to promote their channel and bring in people to mogulus, thus Mogulus might benefit from something like giving some features out as rewards, or rewards per month, etc.
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