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Default Multi-camera one audio source?

Good afternoon! I hope someone can help me before we start broadcasting tonight

So My wife and I have a home studio we have been doing several podcasts (Gaming related) from each week. She has her computer and camera, I have mine, but we are in the same room.

We are going to a live video format hopefully today. Previously we have just recorded, but we have enough demand to go live now.

Here's the question:
I can set up the 2 separate camera's, but I can't seem to put them on the same audio feed.

We use a Roland mixer to mix the sound for our podcaast. And since we are in the same room, I don't know how the audio will sound over the video if we aren't doing it this way.

So say the camera is on Me, when my wife talks, I don't want to have to switch to hers just to pick up her audio.

Any help / advice?

Thank you!
-Abe Barnes
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you can assign your first camera to procaster as a camera
and switch from the second cameras programm to full screen
so you can switch from camera to display
having a transition bettween cameras
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This may depend on how many outputs you have on your soundcard.. If you have one, maybe you can buy an adapter to plit the audio signal to two sources and send one the second line to either the mixer or send straight to the other computer... Honestly... there are several different ways to do this and I guess it depends on your setup and available equipment or adapters.. We have a delta 1010LT (10in10out), 2 XLR MICS, PC and One Laptop and 2 webcams.. we just started using the second webcam last week and had some difficulty with audio but that was only because I rebooted and logged into the wrong profile and didn't save my settings lol... but all I did was run an stereo line out of my pc to the mic/line in jack of the laptop and was able to get audio from both sources..
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This is really easy to do in Telestream Wirecast.

You can composite both audio sources to both shots or you can keep both audio sources composited using its Master layers so they don't change when you switch shots.

As long as your computer has the inputs you don't need a mixing board. For example, a desktop with one internal and one additional Firewire card would be enough. Each audio could be fed into each camera. You could use USB mics and bring that in separately as well.

Generally if you to make sure not to overload the bus capacity so having additional Firewire or USB cards can help in some cases but those are very inexpensive.

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