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Question HTML/JavaScript API - Multiple players on one page


I'm trying to have multiple players on one page, each in its own <div>.

I want to check for each player if the stream it shows is online or not, and set the visibility accordingly.

In the API Documentation it says:
"The player also calls a special function when an event occurs. The name of that function by default is livestreamPlayerCallback, but it can be configured by using the jscallback flashvar. It takes one parameter which is the type of the event that fired."

I tried setting the jscallback flashvar for each player when embedding it, but they all still use the same (default) callback handler:

"livestreamPlayer2", "500", "400", "9.0.0", "expressInstall.swf", {channel: 'xfire_momojohn', autoPlay: 'true', jscallback: 'livestreamPlayerCallback2'}, params); "

I did not find any way to actually differ between each of the players in the callback handler (which would be okay, too).

I do not use the livestream.com player but the XFire player instead because I want to stream XFire live streams.

The testing page I'm trying to get this to work on for now can be reached here:
The streams there I took from the XFire Livestream page (may be offline at times).
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Using API features on xfire's player is not currently supported. Please use the Livestream API's swfs.
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Thanks for your reply.

I've given up handling my idea this way and am using the Livestream Channel API in combination with PHP:

1) Request status for each channel
2) If channel->isLive is true, output the HTML embed code for the player, if it is false output just some text
3) Repeat for all channels I want to check

+ caching to avoid problems with the 10000 requests per day limit in high-traffic situations.

I'm very confident it will work this way.

Thanks again and bye
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