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Originally Posted by stocktiger View Post
I agree that the interface for handling files is terrible- I watch the video and it shows them moving storyboard or folders but in real life they mostly do not do that. There is no proper search of help for this. It is not hard to do they only need to change the interface.

Ex. I go to manage library when actually the only choice there is to upload a video - hardly manage anything. There I have 3 story board but two are blue so you cannot upload to them so I am left with 1 gray folder which is used for auto pilot so after an upload it goes there but I want it on demand so I go to auto pilot and cannot move any of them out of Whats playing - it is very frustrating as they should make it work. One day I was a place to make a new story board but not in a couple of days - it no longer shows anywhere. IT is just totally goofy. And ever time I start up the control panel a video starts playing on the on demand tab and each time I have to switch it off - It is obvious that some can deal with this but I can't figure it out and I write and run websites - how to make control panel work and move files - if I have a few files in a story board not even a way to open it to see what is inside. I watched so many videos but the skip over all the parts that do not work. I try to drag just now a story board out of the center auto pilot playlist and it will not let me nor can I move any out of public on demand --- maybe I wlll make a video to show it and post on on youtube

I think there is some confusion here about what a storyboard is versus a folder. You can move storyboards (gray) and add/upload individual clips to them. Folders (blue) are used to organize your storyboards. By default when a recording is made to the studio, the "Recordings" folder is created that stores all of your recordings in storyboards. To view the contents of a folder you must click on the arrow to the left of the word "Recordings". (see image)

You can move storyboards into your "Public Video On Demand library" from within the "Video On-Demand" tab by dragging storyboards from the "Storyboard" list on the left side to the list on the right side. These clips will appear on your channel page's library.

The Autopilot functions in the same way.
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