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Default Stream goes black ??

I stream with Procaster playing Starcraft 2, and it will be perfect, then randomly it will go black. I dont know about it until one of my friends tells me that the stream is down, or goes offline. Can Anyone tell me the solution to this?
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I need some details.
What are the specs of your computer? Include CPU, GPU, OS.
What screensize is your monitor set to?
Are you using Procaster 10.0.124?

If it's only some users seeing this it might be an issue on their end.
Can you monitor your stream on another computer?
If you also see it the same time your friend sees it then we know it's not just on their end.
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The game that I am streaming (Starcraft 2) the servers are down so I cannot test it right now. I may have resolved the problem, I streamed just the menu of it for 15 minutes straight with no problems, although the problems may arise when i am actually PLAYING the game and making the computer work harder, but my specs are as follows;

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad ~ 2.4 GHz
Monitor: 21 inches @ 1600x1200 Resolution
Ram: 6gb
OS: Vista 64bit
Graphics: Radeon HD5750
Internet: Down 10 MB/s -- Up 1 MB/s

Procaster is 10.0.124
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