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Default Bandwidth question

will hosting a channel and having music videos and other videos running through a cue on the live section of my video player going to eat up a lot of my bandwidth? i want to have my player embedded on my friends website as well so is running this channel going to eat my bandwidth or what?

if i were to play a game on my xbox over live would mogulus live streaming these videos lag me at all? or doing anything else on the internet be effected? if this is a stupid question then please dont flame i just want to find out.
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In short the answer to your question is yes it will use alot of bandwidth, if you dont have unlimited be very careful at first, someone may be able to give you a more detailed response
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I have the knowledge to answer your question, but you aren't very specific about what you're trying to do.

Are you trying to:

a) record a video, upload it to mogulus, and then cue it?
or b) stream the video live from your computer?

a) would take very little bandwidth - just the bandwidth that is used by uploading the video. b) on the other hand would take quite a bit, depending on your 'net connection and whether or not you have monthly/yearly/whateverly bandwidth limits. The short answer is that yes, b) could easily lag xbox live, but this really all depends on your 'net connection and setup. If you have a fast upload speed, a stream won't be hurting it much. But, most people don't have fast upload speeds.
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