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Default No response from Live Stream..a recurring theme?

I understand support issues can be very difficult ot respond to. However, no response is unacceptable....We have psoted the following issue weeks ago without a single acknowledgement...

I have set up a number of production members ( camera mode only) however they are not able to record. When i deselect the camera only option in manage team tab they are able to access the camera and record option....of course this allows them access to configure channel which is something i do not want.

All seems to work fine until they login and attempt to record content on the channel. There are very few options which makes it a very confusing issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Am i missing something?

I was very interested in Livestream however the access controls seem very limiting ...all or nothing....obviously there is something wrong at my end.
Any help greatly appreciated.
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This forum is primarily meant as a place where users can discuss and help other users - for hands on support and the fastest response you can contact our support team directly through the following URL: http://www.livestream.com/support/feedback

In answer to your question camera mode only functionality is intended to be used with the producer managing the studio and manually cuing the camera to begin a recording. We are exploring whether it would make more sense to provide access to the full Broadcast Live tab instead.

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