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Default Release: Studio beta 3.1.3 and Player beta 3.1.4

We have released Mogulus Studio beta 3.1.3, and player beta 3.1.4

The release includes a number of back-end improvements, several bug fixes including the full screen bug in Flash 10 and most importantly, a chat tab in Mogulus Studio.

Note that you will need to refresh your browser and ensure you have the correct player and studio versions (to check, right click on the player / studio) to ensure that the new version of chat works.

This release does not include chat moderation which is still in the works, and you will notice that the user list is no longer visible. Once we release moderation there will be controls for moderation of chat users and messages from the Studio.

Mogulus Support

UPDATED: 10/31

We appreciate all your feedback regarding the importance of the user list. This will be accessible from the chat tab inside the Studio when we release the next version of chat next week. In regards to the decision to go with our own chat system, some additional details are below:

After considerable discussion, we decided to begin developing a custom chat system. This decision was made due to the fact that we will not be able to scale our previous Jabber based chat system to the type of traffic we have had and anticipate on the Mogulus network. In recent months we have reached a record number of users on our network (the peak number of concurrent users was over 65,000) and during these times of high traffic, chat was systematically failing. The lack of a proper clustering architecture for Jabber, i.e. a server architecture that allows us to have tens of thousand of users viewing a single chat room, is the primary motivation for this change.

At the same time, we have been able to scale our Flash servers to handle the load flawlessly, and have therefore decided that a custom solution is going to be the best way for us to offer a reliable chat service to our users. With this last release, we've made great progress towards offering a feature-rich, scalable chat to Mogulus users.

As you may have noticed, a side-effect of this change is that the users list has been removed from the chat. Producers will however be able to view the list of users from their studio chat room in the next version. We are also very close to having chat moderation and new types of chat rooms, such as closed rooms (sign-up based) and broadcast rooms (producer has to accept messages before they are displayed in the room). We are confident that this change is a big step towards a better Mogulus chat and look forwards to your feedback.
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