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Exclamation Regarding Viewer Minutes


I just started using LiveStream recently, and I've had 14,435 viewer minutes for the past few days, even though I've broadcasted since then (and people were in fact watching :P). On the section of the account options that shows Daily Usage (under the Billing tab of account options), it says I haven't had any usage since March 18, but I know that can't be true. Does it just take a while to update sometimes? Or is there some kind of bug?

Also, sometimes the published recorded video lengths are much longer than the actual video; for example, my broadcast of playing Megaman 3 (>:3) lasted about 1:20:00 but the video length is more like 2:45:00 (and if you scroll to anywhere after 1:20:00 or so, it freezes up). Then today my broadcast of Megaman X didn't record properly for some reason. The file is shown in my library, but no video length is given, it's unplayable, so it appears the file is corrupt.

I'm not sure whether these are just general bugs, or if there's just something I'm doing wrong.

Thank you,
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Angry Viewer count not changing

Having the precise same problem. On TWO channels. One of which hasn't changed the viewer count in THREE WEEKS! It's starting to become a real problem for my potential investors who don't care about the content but how visible the channel is/are.....
My activity reports for both channels say the exact thing: No Activity. Ummmmm.....I had 5 viewers watching the LIVE stream this past monday for 3 hours..........5x60=300 doesn't it????????? and 300x3=900 the last time I looked! Really starting to hurt business. :-(
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Unhappy No activity

Samething for me ! Nobody can explan that ?
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