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Default Overlay and severe lag issues

I've been with livestream for about 7 months now, and I'm becoming increasingly frustrated. My channel is essentially the most popular channel on your entire livestream site right now. I get over 700 viewers when I'm offline (24 hours a day) and at least 2000-3000 when I'm live. However, my viewers are sending in CONSTANT complaints about the livestream issues. It's gotten to the point where it's completely unbearable. Viewers can't watch live due to livestream lag AND they can't watch onDemand because of constant rebuffering. Major issues:

1) My stream irregularly says "Wecome to striderdoom" or "congratulations on launching striderdoom." Despite disabling this COUNTLESS times in the studio, they pop up frequently for my viewers. The ONLY solution is to refresh the stream (sometimes multiple times) in order to get the tag to go away. Moreover, most of my viewers don't know that the problem is on your end or even how to fix it.

2) My stream has CONSTANT rebuffering issues for many people in europe and especially when my stream count climbs higher. Despite the fact that they have good internet connection, the livestream site has been getting increasingly worse over time. I'm curious if there's a bandwidth allocation cap for individual channels, because my stream didn't lag so badly before.

I'm creating this thread as an opportunity for some of my viewers to come into the thread and post about issues they are having. I would be delighted to continue to stream using livestream, but these problems are becoming incredibly frustrating for my viewers.

Please let me know what we can work out.

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As a regular viewer, I can confirm that I have frequent issues with striderdoom, generally live broadcasts can stutter heavily, and more often than not, overlays, such as the welcome overlay stay stuck on the screen, without any rhyme or reason to why they won't go away. This is also happens when using onDemand.
I'm located in Europe, if its of any interest, and the stuttering happens on both my high speed cable connection at university and at home.
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One of the most frustrating things is watching your favorite web show and having it stop and start multiple times during a mere 1 hour cast. Moreover, this problem isn't even consistent which makes solving it even more difficult, let alone predicting the outbursts of retardation. Sometimes there are 5K people watching Day's stream and everything runs smooth and silk, and then the next day 500 of us watch through 4+ stream restarts and random lag.
What the hell.

The Day[9] Daily and his channel as a whole is growing so fast that this kind of inconsistency just isn't acceptable.
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Default Issues on Day9 Stream

I have also been experiencing the same issues as Day9. The lag especially is incredibly annoying. Can you guys at livestream please fix this asap?
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I too, have experienced these problems that Sean is talking about on his stream. His channel is my favorite thing on the web to watch, and it is very annoying, let alone unprofessional for these things to be happening on livestream.
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Default Confirming the Issues

I'm another livestream viewer and I can confirm the issues Sean outlined above, I hope this issue gets resolved soon!
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Default Yup, issues

I haven't had the banner issue but I do see issues with lag/stuttering/restarting for both the recorded videos and the live stream on Day[9]'s channel. This is from watching at the livestream page, or from watching an embedded livestream player on another page, same issues all around. I have not had any issues with downloading or streaming from other services/sites so I don't believe there to be a problem on my end.
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Default Confirmed!

All issues confirmed (100mbit from Sweden here). Experiencing MAJOR lag, impossible to watch at times.

Also consider the incredible surge in popularity the day9 daily will have when SC2 actually releases.

This guy is a pro, expect alot of traffic. What's going to happen is either you fix this or another streaming site will be beaming with joy to grab a couple of million stable viewer minutes shortly.
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Default yeah

Oh man I'm having a lot of problems with the VODs, every VOD buffers once in 10 seconds, making it really frustrating to watch.
I had also a lot of buffering in the liveshows recently.

mucho love,

btw im having a 50mbit cable connection @ vienna,austria

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Sounds like the lower third issues could be simply that the producer inadvertently recorded it in his recordings, or possibly due to a bug in the Livestream studio's graphics overlay function. In other words, they will appear in the same places in these recordings on-demand, if they were "recorded in".

If he logs into his studio and chooses another graphic, puts it on, then takes it off right away, this would be a temp. work around for that issue in future recordings/ broadcasts , as the welcome one would now be removed for the time being.

On the bandwidth side, I've also noticed up to 50% (sometimes including me) not sycning up at times in the auto pilot as well. On demand and live has always worked well for me, in both Europe and The U.S.
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