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Lightbulb Does such technology exist!

Hi, I am just wondering if there is a way to stream live audio directly to the internet without the use of a laptop?

Is there some kind of hardware that exists which you can feed audio into and it transmits live without any user interface/software? A kind of modem which fulfills the task specifically?

I am wondering if this is possible as I am currently developing an app which allows the user to hear music which is being played in various pubs/clubs. I thought not having to depend on a laptop would help things as the device could work exclusively for that one action.

If anyway knows anything about such a device I would be very happy to hear.

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Livestream does not offer an audio-only service. We are primarily a live video platform.

We do offer a stand-alone encoder that allows you to stream without the use of a computer. The Livestream Broadcaster takes audio and video from an HDMI camera and streams directly to New Livestream (new.livestream.com) without the use of a computer. Please keep in mind that with this solution you will still need video, even if it means sending black video. To learn more, please review our store: http://new.livestream.com/broadcaster
Livestream Producer Support
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Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the reply, I found it very informative.

I was wondering if you are aware of similar technologies which can operate the same function through audio alone? That does not involve Livestream as a format.

Thanks again

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