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Lightbulb New Livestream Producer HDMI input via Alienware laptop?

Friends... I am trying to put together a portable rig for high-quality streaming via HDMI using Producer on new Livestream ... and while the Black Magic H.264 Pro is an option, I'd prefer separate sound inputs (which that cannot handle in HDMI mode), and the BM Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0 is really picky as to hardware (NEC USB 3.0 chipsets only, etc.).

I thought I'd do an end run around all that by purchasing a Dell Alienware 17 4th-gen Core-i7 laptop, the only production laptop I've found that includes and HDMI *input* port, so as to stream HDMI directly.

New Livestream tech support says they are not sure it cannot be done... so I'm asking, before I spend the $1,800... has anyone tried it? Does anyone have an Alienware laptop with HDMI-input that has tried it, or would be willing to spend 10 minutes to see if Producer will recognize the HDMI input?

Or have others found better ways to get an HDMI feed into Producer?

Many thanks for your help!
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Default Reply to Victor

Although the Forum has not posted it, I received an email saying that Victor_S_ has replied to this thread. I'll repeat it here:

Victor_S_ wrote: I'm not sure I understand. I use HDMI as the video source in Producer and a completely separate audio feed from the building sound system for audio. Why do you need to pass the audio through the BM H.264 Pro?

I'm using a Black Magic Intensity Pro card and not an H.264 Pro, but the sound mixer in Producer can accept a bunch of different inputs - I'm using USB from a physical mixer.

Victor... I'm broadcasting from a laptop... so I cannot insert a Black Magic card into the computer. Therefore, the Black Magic H.264 Pro Recorder usb device is the only way to get HDMI input into the computer. The issue is that doing so introduces a delay of about a second or so; therefore, I cannot use audio directly into the computer (which I would prefer) because the audio and video are then severely out of sync for the broadcast. As the H.264 Pro Recorder will *not* send separate audio feed along with an HDMI video feed, the only way to sync up is to get the audio in on the HDMI channel, so I have to route it through the camera, and that is problematic for us currently do to noise on the line (and a likely DC offset issue).

I hope that helps you understand the question....

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Default Sync Failure using separate source for Video & Audio

Saw your entry and could connect with the context of Victor S's setup.
I too use BlackMajgc H.264 for downloading video from lowcost HD Vidcam but source audio from the buildings audio system and use a separate input to my I5 PC Win 8.1. The end result is a lag between A/V broadcast thru new.livestream. Any further solutions to overcome this? Additional software to introduce video lag for e.g.?
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Hi Steve,
Please open up a support ticket at http://help.livestream.com/ and we can discuss your workflow in detail and find a resolution to the A/V sync issue you are experiencing.
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