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Default External Audio Mixer

I am VERY new to Livestream Studio the SW version. I just purchased the full version, but in my testing I can't figure how to get my external mixer to work as the primary audio control. The audio is coming into the system from each camera per HDMI. I would like audio to only come from the pc via media clips and/or mics that go into my 4 channel mixer.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you
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Hi there,

This is covered in the Studio manual. If you want to use the DeckLink Studio 2 card as an analog audio input source, the audio must be accompanied by a video input source in order to be active. Select your DeckLink Studio 2 video source in your Input menu, and then select "Analog" from the Audio Input menu next to it.

Let me know if that helps!

Livestream Producer Support
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