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Default Livestream chat not loading and low performance.

Hello. Recently, the livestream chat tab ceased working for me. The tab remains blank after being activated after the stream goes live and there's no way to remotely access the chat during a stream without logging to the channel through a browser.

Also, I've reported a number of times a very high performance drop in OS X 10.8 after the common issue with black screen was addressed, so after I was told that the issue would be resolved in the upcoming patch (20.3.25M, if I recall) my ticket was closed. When the patch came, however, nothing changed. The avg frame rate remained ~15 fps as opposed to the old, stable 30 and I opened another ticket, but it was left without any answer. I've provided your support with application logs, thorough system report and other required information at the time. Sadly, to no avail.

All I can add now after several months is that I experience the same issue with Livestream for Producers, but there, I get about 2 fps more than in Procaster (~17). Normally, if I haven't had experience with your program in the past where it ran smoothly, I'd accept it as my computer's fault, however it had no problems of effectively running Procaster before Mountain Lion came. I'd really love to see this issue resolved, because from all the streaming software I've used so far it is the most convenient for me to use.

If needed, I can provide all the required information again.

EDIT; 'Promote' and 'Player' tabs are not working either.

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I am having this same problem, even after uninstalling and reinstalling.
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I too am having this problem. I used to stream on a PC but I brought my Mac to college instead and have not been able to livestream here. I've tried several streaming options and Livestream is my favorite, so I'm disappointed I'm not able to use it right now.
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It's not working for me either; Mac 10.6.8, Adobe Flash and Livestream Procaster both up to date. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, and using older versions, nothing works.
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I'm having the same problem here, too. Mac OS X 10.7.5 and the latest version of Procaster. I tried reinstalling three times but I still can't access the chat.
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Same issue as well. OSX 10.6.8

I uninstalled Flash and tried to roll back to 11.7 and all that happened was the Flash installer failed multiple times.

Eventually tried another version which still presented me with no luck. Blacked out chat, promote and player.

And yes I updated to the lastest Procaster. Are their any fixes for this yet?
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chat, issue, os x 10.8, performance, procaster

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