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Default Okay! I've figured it out!

Note: open up another tab, or window so you can reference this, and do what I'm saying. xD

Go to your channel page. ( Example:

Next, up on the top right of the webpage, assuming you're logged out, right next "Broadcast Now," there is a "Sign Up For Free" button, next to that is, "Login," press it. Log in with your username and password.

Once you've logged on you should see something like this. (See "Picture 1.")
Click the "Channels button."

You should see something like yourname (your username) Example: Chris (1penguinz)
(See "Picture 2.")

Towards the side, you should see a series of buttons. "Watch", "Webcaster", "Studio", etc. Press the "Studio" button.

You'll be diverted to another page, it will look a little bit like "Picture 3."

Towards the top of this page, there are a few tabs. "Configure Channel", "Manage Library", "Broadcast Live", "Control Autopilot", etc. Press "Video On-Demand."

Oh My Goodness! Look on the right! ALL YOUR VIDEOS!!! ("Picture 4.")

Now, each video will have an X on the farthest spot right, press that X, and a confirmation notice will pop up, hit yes. ("Picture 5.")

Congratulations! That evil video is gone! I'm a noob to Livestream too, and it is SOOOOO annoying when nothing works. =[ I figured it out, so I wanted to share it with you, so you can too. =]

If the pictures, and txt was not enough, go here, and watch the video. :O
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