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Default Livestream Chat Update

We've recently released the much anticipated Livestream Chat Update for our new Livestream Player and Channel Pages. This update includes many important and highly requested features below:

- Toggle timestamp button.
- Clear all of a user's messages from chat.
- When login is not required (default) you can either login with a
nickname, or a livestream username & password.
- If you own the channel or are a member of the channel (configure in
"manage team" in the studio) or have been added to the chat moderator
list you have access to moderation.

Chat room moderation options:
- Moderator only chat (formerly Viewer Mute), only moderators can talk.
- Require Login forces everyone to login with a Livestream Account.
- Clear all chat messages.

Chat Userlist:
- Remove moderators / ban users by clicking the X next to
their name. (Only the channel owner can add/remove moderators).
- Manage user options by clicking on the username in the chat room.

User options:
- Grant / remove moderator privileges (only if you're the
owner of the channel).
- You can ban the user based on his IP address / Livestream Account
(if login requirement is activated) / viewerId (same as the old chat).

Rick Stern
Producer Support Manager
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