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Originally Posted by Rushnerd View Post
I wanted to start a channel for vintage video game streams (8-16 bit) with possible commentary. If my channel is unverified, will it not be included the list of channels that people search for?
Furthermore, if I was to attempt to get verified, how much auto-pilot content do I need? The e-mail I got back didn't give me much in the way of tips on how to get verified. Is there a minimum amount of time I have to be live each month?
There really isn't a defined amount of content you need to have like there is with Internet Radio, which the DMCA was born as a result of the success of.

The thing with LiveStream's verification is it's a process which is just simply time consuming, unreliable & undependable at best (At worst, NO ONE in the Verification Department IS DOING THEIR (Insert your favorite explicit word here) JOB > << -- LOOK OF ANGER). I have a lifecasting stream that I can't even get verified (Lifecasting is basically just a simple webcam stream with (In my case) some videos I did long ago that run in auto pilot when I'm not on live with the cam). I've tried submitting it TIME & TIME AGAIN & have yet to hear back from Alex (The person who heads up the Verification Department) or one of his/her staff in the Department.

As such, I'd expect PIGS TO GROW WINGS & FLY before you or I get verified. >

In short, you'd have a MUCH better chance of putting up a basic website, embedding the player somewhere on the site & getting your 50 viewers from site visitors who arrive via A WEBRING than you would from the LiveStream site itself (I'm in th process of building a nice website myself). I know from an ad revenue standpoint, that's backwards logic, but hey - WHAT CAN YA DO?? Know what I mean?
Thanks for the help, I really want to get this project off the ground. I figure people want to see something OTHER then World Of Warcraft games all day, lol.
Good luck with your project.

As for games, why not put up some Madden 2010??? Sure it's a football video game, but the games aren't real. There shouldn't be anything stopping you that I know of. Just a thought.

Again.....Good luck with your project.

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