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Originally Posted by BillfromCleveland View Post
I have a huge favor to ask. Not only will it help me and thousands of others out, but it will also help Livestream.
I am an owner of a Vbulletin based messageboard. Along with thousands of other boards, we host and support podcasting. Most of our users use Ustream, and lately everyone is turning away from that site because of policy issues that affect the listening audience.
The problem is, your website doesn’t work at all with Vbulletin, SMF, ProBoards, etc. With Ustream, all the podcaster had to do was post the link to an archived or live show and a video box would be displayed with the show broadcasting in realtime, much like posting a Youtube video.
You can imagine how useful this is to both the podcaster and the listeners. With the embedding features you offer on this site, this is impossible for a PHP based board to work at all..
Can you please have you’re coders come up with a simple code to allow a “Cut and Paste” solution? This should be very simple. Look at this official Vbulletin link for an example of over 200+ other sites that offer this extremely easy to use service.

Also, here is a link to show how Ustream pops up with a simple “Cut and Paste”.

Like I said, everyone is leaving Ustream. Please make it easy for them to use your service. I’m sure it will be a very simple solution for your programmers.
I second this request. Thanks
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