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Lightbulb FAQ: Issues and solutions

Hi everyone,

This is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions. Even if you don't have any questions, read below and become a professional broadcaster (in other words: a Procaster):

1. What should I do if I have a problem?
a. click on Preferences, video tab, and press Save Logs. this will save the logs to the desktop
b. Send us the file to with a description of the problem, the events that preceded it and a link to a forum thread, if one exist.

2. Is it advisable to change the compression settings?
Yes, you can definitely play with it.
a. The less 'keyframe interval', the more keyframes -> better quality, consumes more network bandwidth
b. The more 'target bitrate' -> better quality, consumes more network bandwidth
c. The higher 'target frame rate' --> better quality, consumes more bandwidth. Please note, the frame rate will not go higher than what the camera is able to provide, which is usualy 30fps for dv cam and 20 fps for the built-in web cam
d. and vice versa - you could lower them if you see performance problems

3. its too slow! what can I do?
a. If your FPS suffers, and the playback stutters, usually it would be because of low upload bandwidth or weak CPU.
b. make sure no other programs are consuming memory or cpu. you could use Activity Monitor to confirm that
c. run on Low quality
d. to test your bandwidth, please use a speed test (i.e.
e. You could also try to play with our FPS throttling in procaster_global.xml:<fps_network_drop_treshold>10 0</fps_network_drop_treshold> and camera_queue_size_limit
This value represent the number of frames the Procaster is allowed to accumulate before it starts to reduce the FPS. Please note, that this will cause a delay in the stream (being less "live"), in case of bandwidth problems.

4. Can I broadcast only the audio from my system's speakers?
Of course! just make sure 'Speakers audio' channel is enabled in the audio mixer

5. Should I let you know if things go right?
Of course! if anything that we or you did helped, do let us and other users know. post it back in the forum.

6. Procaster crashes. What can I do?
There are several applications that might be colliding with Procaster. Check to see if you have a director shockwave plug in in your browsers (thanks user media10!). If you do, just remove it. Otherwise, check to see if you have ManyCam installed and remove it if it is. We included a Crash Reporter in procaster, so make sure to put your email and problem description inside. Don't hesitate to send us an email to and elevate your problem in priority

7. Cannot login! what should I do?
a. make sure your password contains only alphanumeric characters (no $%^ and the like)
b. we've seen reports that OSX 10.6.2 makes a login problem
c. see if you have a firewall
d. if nothing else works, send us the logs (see below)

8. How can I send the logs if the program is not running?
a. Open Finder, go to /Applications
b. Right click on Livestream Procaster and select 'Show Package Contents'
c. Click on Contents
d. Right click on Resources and select 'Compress Resources'
e. Send us all this to with a description of the problem, the events that preceded it and a link to a forum thread, if one exist.

8. How do I uninstall Procaster properly?
a. Open Finder, go to /Library/Application Support
b. Run the uninstall.scpt script

9. I cannot hear anything from my speakers at all. What's going on?
a. Open System Preferences, go to Sound
b. Click on Output tab
c. Make sure that Internal Speakers are designated as the default Built-in Output

We appreciate your help! Procaster is still in beta and any feedback improves its quality and performance. Thanks much!

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