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Default Release: Livestream Player 3.1.64, Studio 3.1.28 and Webcaster Beta 1.0.4

We have released Livestream Studio Version 3.1.28, Player Version 3.1.64 and Webcaster 1.0.4 (formerly Broadcaster).

This release includes back-end improvements and changes to the channel configuration section including:
- A feature for Premium users that allows a channel viewer limit to be set in order to control bandwidth usage.
- Changes to channel configuration which allow certain fields to be updated without forcing channel restart.

We have renamed Livestream Webcaster (formerly Broadcaster) and Livestream Premium (formerly Pro) to alleviate some confusion about the various Livestream offerings. To further clarify:

Livestream Studio is the central production studio of Livestream where users can mix multiple camera feeds from the studio, Procaster and Webcaster, add graphics, moderate chat and control all aspects of Livestream channels.

Livestream Webcaster is a lightweight single camera broadcasting solution for producers looking for a more simple way to immediately go live and communicate with viewers via chat and twitter.

Livestream Procaster is a free downloadable encoder which allows users to broadcast live at higher quality, specify encoding settings, communicate via chat and twitter and includes advanced features for screencasting and gamecasting.

Livestream Premium is the ad-free version of Livestream which includes enhanced analytics, higher quality features and additional privacy options.

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