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Question Disconneting Issues

This has happened two days now around the same time at night. I began to stream and in two minutes the stream would cut out for about 10-20 seconds then come back on and go for two minutes before d/c'ing again. The first day it did this was on Wednesday but on Thursday I could stream completely fine, and again tonight my stream keeps cutting in and out. I'm running a windows 8 computer with Time Warner as my internet provider. I've tried resetting my wifi box and have tested my speed a number of times, my connection to the internet is as it always is. I play videos with VLC and normally I can run my browser, and a game while I stream without it causing an issue but the two days I started to have issues I closed all of it but I still experienced problems. I tried reinstalling Procaster twice and made sure everything with my computer is up to date. Is there anything else I can do to try fixing this or do I need to see about another live streaming program?
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