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Question Procaster & Stereotool ASIO, Procaster lost signal...

My Quad-Core 2,9 Ghz PC runs Stereotool ASIO and Procaster and Simplecast for streaming audio and video to our listeners.

Stereotool and Simplecast for sound,
Procaster for video.

If Stereotool is running for 30 minutes,
and Procaster also, procaster displays "Lost signal" and
the CPU runs up to above 80% for just a second.

This happends every time again.

I tried this:
New usb 2.0 PCI card, because the PC has USB 1,0 ports.
This helped a little bit, but still, Procaster lost it's signal.

Output buffer on Stereotool set higher, (Longer)
I Normally stream with an output delay of 0,200 Sec to Simplecast
and 0.080 sec to the low latency output on my ESI Julia Soundcard.

Set Procaster to Mobile Quality,
no fix also, and bad video quality.

If did not try yet to shut down Stereotool but that would not work for me,
because Procaster is my backup for streaming audio to our website.
(Stream and Procaster are different servers)

Does anyone have this problem and the solution?

Webcam is a Logitech HD 720p

Kind regards,


(Sorry for bad english)

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