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Originally Posted by ernielive View Post
New Livestream has various service levels; Free, Basic, and Premium. There is a huge base of users and growing streaming everything from art, kittens, gaming, and concerts, all of which you are able to follow.
Hi, I don't seem to find an answer to the concern expressed in the previous post (namely: "How do I follow people who have an old account?") you're answering to.

All of those things are very nice, but I want to follow Peoople like pkart, reza ilyasa, Elsevilla and Viccolatte. These are just a few names but there are tons that won't ever notify me of an online event because I don't follow them. Can you please address the actual issue? Is there any plan to merge the old accounts with the new site so we can follow them and receive notifications or should we just all move to sites like Picarto?

Additionally, I've not streamed anything but I'm planning to in just a month, as I'm going to be building my portfolio. As my account doesn't have a "new" in front of it, it's completely useless to me because I won't be able to get any followers, if things are to stay that way.

Why having two different userbases?