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Default Webcam "can be busy"?

To start off with I am using the ASUS V550ca with Windows 8, and Livestream version 20.3.25. My laptop has a built in camera.

When I open Procaster and select "asus virtual camera", the whole procaster begins to go very slow. When I click 'go live', the process of beginning the stream is incredibly slow. It get about 5/6ths of the way through, up to "starting camera", then the next thing I know the screen says "Stopping camera" "disconnecting" and then comes up with an error message - "Livestream Procaster. Error opening camera (it can be busy)".

I've tried closing all other possible programmes on my laptop and just nothing will work! I know it's possible to stream your screen AND have a live webcam of yourself at the same time, as I've seen it done. Why is it saying my camera "can be busy"?

Please help!
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