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Originally Posted by bblinder View Post
Hey there,

One option to consider is a global Flash Cache purge. This will delete all the cached flash data saved on your computer (rather than deleting them from the browser).

If you're on Windows, go into the start menu and enter*into the search bar "%appdata%\adobe" --> then delete the Flash player folder.

Next, enter into the search bar "%appdata%\macromedia" --> once more, delete*the Flash player folder.

If you're on a Mac, go into your System Preferences --> select "Flash Player" --> select the Advanced tab --> Delete all.

Let us know if this helps!
Hello, I gave this a shot and still the same crashing/black screen after. Livestream seams to work intermittently (and by that I mean once every 50 tries or so give or take). Adblock is disabled, adobe is updated, java freshly installed, firefox is updated. Got any other ideas?
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