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Default Major flaw w/Procaster V.20.3.25

PS: it took some time, but I noticed a very major flaw. About 70% of the time, switching from screen to camera causes the stream to freeze & I sadly have to reboot.

Over the last 2+ yrs I've been using Procaster for windows in doing over 4000 streams, so i know what I'm doing. When this first happened I thought it was a virus in my laptop. But recently, I cleaned up my hard-drive & re-installed windows 7 home premium (I hate windows 8). But still, the problem persists, and have concluded its a flaw with the last batch of updates (20.3.25), cuz this never ever happens before. Pls fix this in the next batch of updates plz. This really does limit my production capabilities eh. I love Procaster cuz its the best darn LS-software ever built & is the best server ever. Ty for all ur hard work & hope this feedback helps.
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