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Default Can't find right codification for uploaded videos

Hi... I am a bit frustrated with this issue. Sometimes, due to human error or connection error, my live videos don't get published correctly (I have a Basic Paid account in new livestream). So what I do is go to my local videos folder, look for the video that Livestream saved there, and try to upload it.
I always get "Transcoding Failed, Retrying". The video shows up.
Then I tried converting the videos, leaving the format as the original. Only once I was able to get a video published like this, it was a one minute video (we usually publish 2 hours videos).
But the rest of the time I get an error that says "Can't find all the atoms" or something like that.

What I would like to know is what is the right format (codecs, bitrate, audio codecs, etc) for a video to be accepted by Livestream, and if there is any recommended video editing or conversion tool to create the videos that will be later uploaded.

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