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Hello everyone I've had these problems ever since I moved into my new dorm and they also puzzled me for a while. So I starting thinking about what was different about my internet after moving into the dorms. Turns out that my dorm uses a dynamic IP address while my internet back at my parents' place does not, and apparently that's enough to make livestream go wacko and crash flash.

My solution was pretty simple. I just downloaded a free VPN (virtual private network) to change my IP address while I was watching streams here and it worked like a charm. You can get the one I used here:

The only problems are: you will most likely have trouble loading other websites while connected to the VPN and I'm not sure if it is against the livestream terms of service. If anyone is willing to show me a better free VPN that doesn't have trouble loading other sites, then that solves the first problem. As for the second problem, I'd like to simply say to all livestream staff that may be reading this that this is the solution I've come up with to make livestream actually usable. If you want me to use the site normally, then fix the issues that you so obviously have. If it turns out that this is not against the terms of service, then great. I will be using this method from now on.
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