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Unhappy Importer Bugssss

Originally Posted by BlairWitch View Post
I have been having the same exact trouble importing YouTube videos & it`s getting worse. The problem began about a week or so ago. I`ve clicked Retry probably 20 times so far during the last hour & the video will not encode. It seems to be with the YouTube importer, because I don`t have this problem when I upload.
i made a test ... i downloaded one of my own videos from youtube in .flv and .avi format and UPLOADED them to my livestream... both completed successfully but when i try to download the exact same video with Livestream youtube importer it worked 2 times out of 27 times

i get : Unable to download the video. Age verification may be required or this video may have been temporarily blocked or removed by YouTube..... whichi know isn't true cuz it's my video and i knowthat it's running

can someone check this out ... plz it's really the importer that bugs

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