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Default Keep Failing Verification PLEASE HELP!

I'm not sure why my channel keeps failing verification.
The message I received is: "New, inactive or small channel: The quantity of recorded / uploaded content on your channel is not developed enough to meet publishing / editorial requirements. Please don't hesitate to re-submit when your channel grows."

I have added content and added items to my Video on Demand section as requested. I have anywhere from 50 to 100 viewers a day and always have at least 5 viewers at any given moment. Likewise I have plenty of content running. I really don't understand what is holding my channel back. I have produced channels through livestream before with far less content and far fewer viewers and got verified almost immediately. I am willing to make what ever changes are necessary but your responses and reasoning are very vague.

Please inform me what I need to do exactly to get this channel verified as I am expecting a very large turnout over the next couple days and a 50 viewer limit is really going to hurt my channel.
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