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Default can't seem to use islive // eventislive correctly

Hi, so I've been trying for a couple of hours trying to figure out the correct context to use
event == isLiveEvent

what I'm trying to do is cause a change but I don't understand why it isn't working.

I've tried lots of ways I can think being if player.islive() { change
and I've tried if event == 'isLiveEvent'

here's what I have

livenotif = document.getElementById('livenotif');

if (player.islive == 'true') {
livenotif.innerHTML='This is Live!';
} else {
livenotif.innerHTML='This is AutoPilot!';

the functions don't have an example so I can't figure out the context of them and how they're actually supposed to function.

don't forward me to some generic help site where I'd have to pay for help as this is such a trivial thing and is something that should be very well documented so I don't have to try figure it out. (aimed at those people who reply to threads saying: hey check out quickcustomhelp.shadysite.hijacker)

I'd just like some genuine assistance and to not be linked around

this be working
if (player.islive == 'true') {
if (event == 'isLiveEvent') {
or even
if (player.islive(true)) { // if (player.islive()) {
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