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Angry People need accounts to watch me stream?

For the longest time I have used Livestream in order to broadcast my desktop while I draw. Just recently I have switched from a PC to a Mac OS X and decided to find the livestream page again. Now here, I bookmarked my old page so I was all happy and dandy because I didn't like the setup of the new page and it took too long to just set up a livestream.

I don't want to pay $40 a month to have people watch my streams without signing up an account with Livestream. It use to be that you just signed in with a random guest name and you could join. Where did all this other stuff come from? And this "event group" you have to create in order to post videos to; I don't really get it. I figured out how to see the Old Livestream layout and sent a friend the share link to watch me stream a drawing, yet she said it didn't work. So I tried showing a link through the new page setup and she said she couldn't view it unless she had a Livestream account. She did already have an account, but she was upset that Livestream would even force people to do that.

Is there a way I can make the Old Livestream layout work? I really, REALLY don't like this new layout since it's so cluttered and confusing. Especially if I have to pay to have people watch my streams without signing up.

I tried using Justin.TV since they don't have you charge for having people watch without signing up, but it's so confusing with so many different programs and stuff compared to the simplicity of Livestream where you just download one program and click LIVE. Sorry if I sound very irritated, I've been trying to figure stuff out for two days as well as other desktop streaming providers.
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