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-Name of the Game: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, downloaded through Steam. It opens uPlay when I open the game. I have Windows 8 and the most recent version of Procaster.

-Is it supported by procaster? Unknown. I didn't have a problem with Assassin's Creed (played from a disc) or Assassin's Creed II (played through uPlay from Steam.) I've also successfully streamed Portal and Portal 2 from Steam without an issue.

-If it is, please let us know what issues you are having with the game? The game play is jerky, like the camera can't settle or the framerate is weird. I've tried different settings and I can provide recordings if needed. It is particularly bad during combat scenes but the cut scenes and cinematics are fine.

I apologize if this has been addressed before. I looked through the forums and couldn't find anything. Thank you!
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