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Default Issues since Friday

I too have been having issues with Livestream as of late, beginning last Friday May 24th when I couldn't go into someone's stream...just kept loading and loading and loading. Since then everytime I go into someone's stream, the video won't show, just a white page while the chat is still visible. I refresh to get the video up, but then the video freezes. Just the other night I was trying to enjoy a livestream my friend was doing but it was difficult cause it was constantly freezing. I had cleaned out my cache and history numerous times as well as did a scan to make sure I had no viruses. Also when I go from one page to another and click into chat, it wouldn't allow me everything had froze. Really annoying. My browser I use most is Chrome, but it's also an issue in Internet Explorer as well. A few of my friends have also been experiencing the same problems it's not just me!!! Please get this fixed ASAP!!!!
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